SBC Worship

SBC Worship

     Our ongoing goal is to cultivate a community of worshippers inspired by and engaged in God's manifest presence, thereby displaying to the world that God is worthy of praise.



      We are a community of musicians, singers, and creatives pursuing one thing: bringing glory to God. He has given us immeasurable gifts and it is our aim to use them to worship Him and to inspire others to do the same.

     Our team is made up of several music and artistic ensembles ranging from rock bands and string quartets to our visual arts team that creates spaces that inspire us to reflect on the beauty of Christ and the grand story we live in. Below you will find more information on the teams, and how you can get involved! Click the link to meet the staff.

Worship Band


    We believe that any activity done with a heart to honor God and enjoy His presence becomes worship.  Each campus and venue has rotating teams comprised of a variety of musicians that strive to do this with their music.. Our heart is to facilitate the services with excellent music so as to provide the easiest on-ramp for people to connect with God as well as to communicate to God that He is worthy of it all!

    Are you a musician or singer looking to get involved in one of our campus bands? Just click the link below, fill out the form and we can send you everything you need to get started!






The choir is home to singers of all ages helping lead the congregation into worship by being lead worshippers and by offering special reflective songs during the service.



Whether you play Brass, Strings, Woodwinds or Percussion, this team is always looking for new recruits to induct into their community.

Creative Arts

This team captures the imagination, inspiring deep reflection through compelling images that are both tactile and observational. From paintings and poems to interactive experiences and sculptures, they utilize every artistic medium to help create moments of worship.


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